Visit the special places in Romagna, from Riccione is everything closer

The fantastic places around Riccione

For you that loves the outdoor life, combine your vacation at the Hotel Commodore  with an excursion in the Romagna hinterland. The hinterland of Riccione offers you an infinity of places and landscapes to discover.

Ask informations directly in reception to discover the possible tours through Romagna’s hills, that gives you a breathtaking view on the Adriatic sea and are full of history, legends, boroughs and castles.

Discover the typical Romagna cuisine: there are several festivals where you can taste our local product.

Then, take a tour through the wonderful fortresses, the enchanted castles, the medieval boroughs to discover our local history and culture.


14 km away from Riccione you can discover the wonderful Gradara’s castle, book a visit for the borough and for the fortress where Paolo and Francesca fell in love.


28 Km away from Riccione the lovely borough where every summer (last week of August) you can go back to 500 years ago, “Il Palio del Daino” rebuilds every detail of the renaissence life: you’ll discover tastes, crafts and artisan techniques from that period  rediscover the flavors, crafts and craft techniques of the time.

Montefiore Conca

20 km away from Riccione, with its malatestian fortress that dominates the borough, enlightened by the moon, this is the image that remains into memories by whom visits this city during the night! At the end of July the Fortress becomes animated by a carnival atmosphere with music,dance, theatre, visual arts, high handicraft. All of this in a moonlight Fortress.

San Marino

33 km away from Riccione, its fortresses dominate all of the coast from the top. Art, culture and history but also shopping, duty-free, San Marino is a pplace to see!

San Leo

44 km away from Riccione, based on a huge rock, San Leo is reachable from only one street carved into the rock. Charming and mysterious, its Fortress became a prison for the notorious Cagliostro Count.


35 km away from Riccione, from the high of 436 meters, Montebello dominates the Marecchia valley. The Montebello castle is famous for the Azzurrina legend.


In the Marche, 52 km away from Riccione, Urbino was one of the most important cities during the italian Reinassence, Today in fact it still have the architecture from that period, from 1998 its old town centre is a World Heritage Site declared by Unesco.